23rd May 2019

Robert Becker

Robert Becker - Chief Operating Officer

Robert is the Chief Operating Officer and co-founder of MalinHughes. He has worked with some of the largest banks, hedge funds, asset managers, and trading firms developing long term talent strategies and attracting top talent to meet and exceed clients’ goals and expectations.

Robert speaks on industry specific panels and is an active member of several financial services networking groups and organizations in Chicago. He is on the Board of Directors for Love Andrew – a non-profit focused on providing resources and support to children with autism. He also supports and is involved with EGBOK Mission, a non-profit helping teach underprivileged children hospitality skills to build a foundation for a career and healthy lifestyle.

Robert attended the College of Charleston in Charleston, SC and graduated with a degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance & Leadership, Change and Social Responsibility.

Robert Becker